Posters for Change started life in 2014 as Posters for Peace. Inspired by "Dealers in Death: The Story of the War Racket", a 1934 documentary written by Burnet Hershey and produced by Monroe Shaff, the project aimed to highlight the media and government rhetoric, that is promoting war as a means of creating peace. The theory presented in this documentary is a world in a perpetual state of war to maintain economic prosperity to those few who profit from conflict. Arms dealers, manufacturers, energy companies, governments. Posters for Peace looked at the facts behind these false crusades, and the loss that results from war.

The project was picked up again in June 2016, after a dangerous few months in Britain. With political assassinations, an unprecedented rise in hate crime, the Brexit vote, Chilcot report, political coups and an undemocratic and illegal government, the project aims to raise awareness of the injustice, inequality, and corruptness in areas of society.